In the world of fashion, staying ahead of the curve is top priority. And our team has been up to some interesting stuff to help revolutionize the buying process through the trade show experience. We had an opportunity to test out some tech with our team from Intech and then partner with the Brand Assembly trade show in the heart of NYC to make it all come to life.

The Style Pulse Mission: Making B2B Easy

At The Style Pulse, our job is making sourcing for buyers decisions easy and well-informed. Whether it’s discovering the most promising women’s wear, kids’, men’s fashion, home decor, or beauty, we’ve got our finger on the pulse. Our experts scout up-and-coming brands from all over, verifies their position in the market, and uploads their collections on our digital platform for retailers to discover and connect.

Meet JULIA: Your Virtual Shopping Sidekick

Now, let’s talk about Brand Assembly, where over 100 contemporary brands were showcasing their collections in New York City. With so much greatness to discover, we knew buyers needed a little extra help. Enter JULIA, our AI sidekick.

Crafted with love in collaboration with our tech partners at Intech from Luxembourg, JULIA was equipped with a curated selection of 25 top-notch brands from the show. Each one handpicked by our experts to match our high standards. From there, the team at Intech integrated that knowledge into Julia’s database, so she could function effectively at the show. The goal? To give buyers a personalized, stress-free experience in the midst of the trade show whirlwind.

JULIA’s Superpower: Making Shopping a Breeze

JULIA’s role was simple yet game-changing. Armed with all the insider info from our B2B platform, she became your virtual buying guru. Whether you were on the hunt for the perfect denim, swoon-worthy beauty finds, or chic women’s wear, JULIA was in the know and served up customized recommendations within seconds.

AI Meets Traditions: The Challenge Accepted

Bringing AI to a physical trade show? Not without its challenges. Traditionally, these events are steeped in tradition, with workflows set in stone. But you know us – we’re all about pushing things a little more than comfortable.

By weaving tech into the fabric of the trade show experience, we aimed to make buyers’ lives easier and show them some seriously cool stuff along the way. JULIA was just the start of our journey to reinvent how we do trade shows.

Reflecting on Brand Assembly: The Buzz Around JULIA

Looking back on our time at Brand Assembly, we’re buzzing with excitement about the reception JULIA got. AI has the power to revolutionize the trade show game, and we’re here for it. Sure, there’s still plenty to learn, but we’re all about pushing the boundaries and making trade show experiences better for buyers everywhere.

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