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PARIS, France – With the fashion industry being the second largest polluters in the world, just after the oil industry, retail actors are doing their part in looking for long-term solutions. With only 15% of clothing being recycled, new fashion rental business models are being explored to close the cycle of disposable clothing. 

Some of these retail disruptors such as subscription rentals, pre-owned resale, and consignment are easy ways for brands to embrace the circular economy. This year, Stella McCartney partnered with TheRealReal on a ‘Fashion is Circular’ campaign urging customers to consign their products, while Kering tests subscription rentals between Rent the Runway and Saint Laurent.

Brands are also beginning to rent clothes directly to consumers. French shoe brand Bocage has just launched a rental subscription service whereby customers pay 39€ per month to rent a pair of shoes for two months. At the end of the rental period, the shoes are cleaned and can be borrowed anew. Customers can also choose to purchase the shoes at any time.

The growing popularity of fashion rental and subscription sales prove that it’s no longer a novel idea but a new retail channel, sitting squarely alongside brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce.

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