The fashion industry is undergoing a profound transformation, marked by a notable shift towards the concept of ‘quiet luxury’. Established luxury brands such as Loro Piana, The Row, and Brunello Cucinelli are setting the stage with premium prices that align seamlessly with the exceptional quality of their products. In contrast, mid-tier brands such as COS, Maje and Sandro, are struggling with financial challenges as their product quality fails to match their premium price points. In this article, we will delve into how this dichotomy creates a unique opportunity for emerging brands to thrive by offering affordability without compromising their identity and quality.

Quiet Luxury Unveiled

The ‘quiet luxury’ trend, while not a novel concept, is experiencing a resurgence in the fashion industry. Defined by mindful shopping and an emphasis on enduring pieces, it stands in stark contrast to fast fashion’s ephemeral trends. This shift towards minimalism and quality materials aligns with the growing demand for sustainable fashion, emphasizing longevity over fleeting trends. The term itself traces back to Thorsten Weblen’s 1899 book, “The Theory of the Leisure Class,” but its current popularity in 2023 is driven by its adoption across demographics, thanks to the democratization of fashion through social media.


Factors Driving the Quiet Luxury Trend

Amidst the post-pandemic era, performative dressing has eclipsed streetwear and sportswear, with a notable resurgence of 90s minimalism. This harmoniously aligns with quiet luxury, reflecting a broader shift towards intentional and discerning investments in high-quality, timeless pieces. The economic climate plays a pivotal role, prompting consumers to seek economically viable choices that prioritize durability.

Examples of Quiet Luxury Brands we love:

Loro Piana

Italian heritage brand Loro Piana exemplifies discreet luxury with a focus on fine wool and cashmere. Despite surpassing $1 billion in annual sales, the brand eschews flashy logos and bright colours, relying on impeccably tailored timeless pieces which embodies calm elegance. Since its creation, the brand has been committed to ensuring impeccable standards and service for its clientele.

Loro Piana’s Spring Summer 2024

Brunello Cucinelli

A pioneer in quiet luxury, Brunello Cucinelli specializes in subtle opulence, merging elevated casual silhouettes with Italian tailoring. The pieces are most often handmade, and highlight its unique craftsmanship through its use of the finest fabrics. Renowned for producing high end quality goods, the brand’s recent growth aligns with the rising popularity of quiet luxury.

The Row

Founded by the Olsen sisters, The Row defines quiet luxury through minimalistic pieces focused on durability and a logo-less identity. The brand produces pieces that are timeless and classic, designed to be worn for decades. For this to be achieved, the pieces are made of the highest quality. Additionally, The brand’s lack of social media presence contributes to its uniqueness in an era dominated by online visibility.

The Row Fall Winter 2023


The appointment of Sabato de Sarno as creative director signals Gucci’s transformation into a timeless and less flashy brand. According to Gucci’s press release; “The show unfolds within the anatomy of the House.” Throughout the show, Guccis drew upon its rich heritage, presenting a distinct vision that reinforces its triumph in the fashion industry. 

Gucci’s Women Fall Winter 2023

The Challenges Faced by Mid-Tier Brands

Luxury brands are likely to always have a consistent, loyal customer following. However, as the consumer landscape shifts from conspicuous consumption to a preference for quiet luxury, consumers are gravitating towards more affordable goods or indulging in high-end luxury products. Mid-tier brands such as COS, Sandro, and Maje, find themselves at a crossroads due to their reliance on synthetic materials and a failure to align with sustainability goals. In the midst of economic challenges, these middle-tier brands must adapt and plan strategically for factors like inflation, social tensions, and declining consumer confidence.

The Opportunity for Emerging Brands

The evolving fashion landscape creates a gap for emerging brands that can blend the recognition of luxury with a strong, environmentally conscious identity. Successful brands in this space must prioritize outstanding quality that matches their price point and strategically position themselves in the market. The Style Pulse is a curated B2B platform, which sources the best independent labels across fashion and lifestyle globally. They help department stores discover quality brands while being supported by leading retail consultancy firm Lambert + Associates.

Quiet Luxury Brands on The Style Pulse

As fashion undergoes a shift, the rise of quiet luxury not only reflects changing consumer preferences but also poses challenges for established and mid-tier brands. The key lies in adaptability, sustainability, and a strategic approach for brands aiming to capitalise on this transformative moment in the industry. The opportunity for emerging brands is vast, provided they navigate the landscape with a clear identity, commitment to quality and resonance with environmentally conscious consumers. The fashion industry’s future belongs to those who can seamlessly blend luxury with a quiet, enduring elegance.

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Please note: Link to collection expires in 60 days

Please note: Link to collection expires in 60 days

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