As the fashion world buzzed with excitement, we embarked on an exhilarating journey, attending the men’s shows of the season. From the iconic runways of Milan Men’s Fashion Week to the avant-garde styles of Paris Men’s Fashion Week and the eclectic vibes at Pitti Uomo in Florence, we witnessed the convergence of creativity, artistry, and individuality. Amidst this sartorial whirlwind, we uncovered nearly 100 new men’s brands that captivated our senses.

But that’s not all—our adventure extended beyond the realm of discovery. We also had the privilege of witnessing the brands already onboard present their awe-inspiring new collections.

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Unveiling the Onboard Gems

Our journey of discovery wouldn’t have been complete without celebrating the brands that have already joined our database. From the ingenious designs of Botter to the avant-garde vision of Christoph Rumpf, and the timeless elegance of De Bonne Facture, we were mesmerized by the creativity on display. It was a testament to the boldness and innovation of the designers we are proud to feature.

On The Style Pulse: Botter
On The Style Pulse: Antik Batik

On The Style Pulse, the latest addition to our roster also includes the onboarding of Antik Batik, making its grand entrance with their debut menswear collection. Inspired by exotic journeys and the world of dance, their creations weave tales of adventure and romance through vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

Meanwhile, 3.Paradis, another exciting brand, unveiled its SS24 menswear collection with an unapologetically bold and fierce runway showcase.

On The Style Pulse: 3.Paradis

The Must-See Trends

As the fashion universe continues to evolve, it’s vital to keep an eye on the trends that define the season. We identified several key trends that left a lasting impression, shaping the fashion landscape. Beyond our onboarded brands, we have our eyes on the horizon for a promising lineup of designers.

While not yet part of The Style Pulse, these emerging talents have made waves with their impressive collections. Egonlab, Jordan Luca, Études, Kolor, and S.S.Daley are all poised to redefine the future of fashion with their innovative and boundary-pushing designs.

S.S. Daley
Jordan Luca (left) – Etudes (top) – Kolor (bottom)

Trend 1: A Return to Minimalism

A welcome trend this season was the return to minimalism. Clean lines, understated color palettes, and simplicity took center stage. Tank tops made a bold comeback, and the fashion world seemed to embrace the less-is-more philosophy. This trend emphasizes the beauty of clean, uncluttered fashion, allowing individuality to shine through effortlessly.

Trend 2: Gender Fluid Tailoring

Another standout trend that deserves attention is the evolution of gender fluid tailoring. The lines between men’s and women’s fashion continue to blur, and designers are pushing boundaries. This fresh take on tailoring challenges traditional norms and provides exciting possibilities for individuals seeking versatile and inclusive fashion options.

Trend 3: Shades of Orange and Pink

A burst of color swept the runways, with various shades of orange and pink taking the lead. These vibrant and unexpected color choices added a lively and invigorating touch to men’s fashion. This trend not only challenges conventions but also offers an exciting opportunity for self-expression and experimentation.

Trend 4: Shimmering Moments and More

The season also saw a playful blend of styles that caught our attention. The allure of glitter and sparkle brought a sense of extravagance and fun to the runway, reflecting a contemporary desire for bold self-expression. Meanwhile, preppy moments and shorts were reinvented, adding a touch of nostalgia and playfulness to the collections.

As we reflect on the whirlwind of the season’s shows, our senses are invigorated, our minds inspired, and our passion for fashion reignited. The eclectic mix of discoveries, trends, and insider insights reminds us that fashion is an ever-evolving art form that knows no boundaries. The journey continues, and we are excited to share it with you, our fellow fashion enthusiasts. 

Stay tuned for more updates, fresh collections, and trendsetting designs from the brands we’re proud to have onboard. The world of men’s fashion is evolving, and we are here to curate and celebrate its endless possibilities.

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