RUH Collective lookbook modest fashion brand
Rūh Autumn/Winter 2018 | Source: Courtesy

LONDON, United Kingdom – When co-founder Sonia Trehan converted to Islam, she suddenly found it harder to dress. Her fashion line RŪH was born out of necessity in 2016. At first glance, RŪH does not look in any way, shape or form, conservative or traditional. The collection is full of pieces with exaggerated sleeves, wide cut lapels and crisp tailoring made from the finest Italian fabrics. The brand simply allows its woman the comfort of selective disclosure: to share by choice and conceal at will. 

Releasing only a few product assortments a year called ‘chapters’, each collection is purposely interlinked to previous chapters to ensure timeless appeal. In an over-saturated world, the brand prefers to maintain an element of mystery. The brand’s website is members-only; even its Instagram is private. Fostering a strong community of like-minded individuals keeps RŪH an insider secret – a very refreshing approach for a fledgling brand.

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