Remote Buying

Though this year’s fashion weeks are disrupted, brands will still have their collections sampled and sales campaigns will go ahead, albeit in a private appointment format. Although it’s hard to think of placing orders right now, preparing newness for Christmas and early 2021 will be important to your recovery.

Lambert+Associates has been connecting brands and retailers globally for almost 50 years. In that time, we have experienced a great deal of market evolution. This time, the evolution will change the way we buy, offering the opportunity to travel less and focus more.

Being located in the key fashion capitals, our team of experts will be conducting private viewings, taking precautions in accordance with the government guidelines. As always our independent collection reviews will be available via our sourcing tool, The Style Pulse.

However, for retailers needing extra support, our remote buying service can help you place smart buys without risking the health and safety of your team. Additionally remote buying eliminates your travel expenses at a time when you need it most.


Kick-off meeting

The process begins with a kick off meeting with our team of experts. They will identify your key buying objectives for the season.
Armed with our up-to-date market intelligence, we can advise you on how other retailers are responding to the current challenges. Our trend expert will advise on how the trends for 2021 have altered, helping you to make important merchandising decisions. Together we will devise a strategy for the sales campaign.


During the sales campaign, our buying expert will cover all of your appointments, acting as your independent advisor. Having one point of contact centralizes the buying process, delivering you clear and coherent overview. We will:

  • - Give our objective opinion on the samples, from the cut and sizing to fabrication, construction and hand feel to ensure that you only invest in best sellers
  • - Suggest the strongest stories and styles
  • - Make your selection
  • - Photograph styles and selection on rails
  • - Discuss business matters and negotiate on your behalf

Post market debrief

After attending all appointments, you will have a meeting with our buying expert to discuss the selections prior to placing orders. This is your chance to query particular styles and edit your collections with all the facts.

Photoshoot: Optional service

Our stylist and photographer will photograph the collection in the studio. We shoot premium ecommerce, campaign imagery and brand interviews according to your brief. Assets will be retouched and delivered to you within the month, allowing you to connect with your customers earlier and benefit from pre-sales.

Video examples

You can find below an example of a collection review video we made for our client. Videos can be customized according to brand / retailers requests.

Contact us

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