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Trend conferences

With the increasingly rapid rhythm of the fashion industry, keeping ahead of upcoming trends is more than ever a decisive factor in the performance of retailers and producers. Whilst many creative agencies offer broad forecasting that targets a wide variety of audiences and industries, this information often proves difficult for retailers and buyers to digest and apply.

Lambert+Associates creates concisely edited seasonal trend forecasts focused on the trends for the upcoming buying season.

Core offering

  • Seasonal Trends in the following categories:
    • Women’s RTW
    • Women’s ACC
    • Men’s RTW
    • Men’s ACC

Customers profile

  • Retailers
  • Fashion Directors
  • Buying teams

International sales conferences

Lambert + Associates’ Market Experts meet with an average of 10 new brands each day, and have acquired a strong understanding for the questions often faced by young designers and budding brands.

The International Sales Conference addresses the primary concerns and considerations faced by young brands looking to learn how to establish themselves on the competitive international market.

Core offering

  • Overview of international fashion calendar
  • Advice on targeting markets
  • One to one coaching sessions with brands

Customers profile

  • International Fashion Weeks
  • Organizations supporting designers and brands
  • Young designers and brands

Retail challenges and innovations

The Retail Challenges and Innovation conference is an annual conference which focuses on summarizing and analyzing the state of the retail industry, including addressing ensuring challenges and presenting current and anticipated responses to said challenges.

Lambert + Associates has created a concise manner of communicating and presenting innovative approaches that are being developed and adopted by leaders in the industry. The decisive strength of this offering is an opportunity to benefit from the combined insight of all of our Market Experts in an analytical and informative manner.

Core offering

  • Concise summary of current market trends
  • Presentation and analysis of response of industry leaders
  • Examples of international innovation

Customers profile

  • International Retail Organization
  • International Trade fairs
  • Retailers (internal development)
  • Brands