About Lambert + Associates

Building partnerships

Lambert + Associates is a leading retail consultancy that helps brands and retailers to flourish in today's global marketplace. With over 40 years of experience in the fashion and luxury industry, we work with our clients to address the challenges that they are facing today, to build solutions for the future.




Our core values

  • Authority For over 40 years, our team of experts have been creating retail solutions for the largest international retailers, earning their trust and gaining significant expertise on the market.
  • Integrity Keeping an independent eye on the fashion and retail market is the keystone to our authority. We provide our clients with unbiased tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their commercial goals without compromise.
  • Passion There is a dynamic exchange of years of experience on the market through our experts, who pass this knowledge on not only to our partners but also to newer members of our growing team.

We deliver on these priorities thanks to…

Strong relationships

with a wide network of brands, retailers, and suppliers around the world

Seamless fluency      

in both creative and commercial ‘languages’

International network

of Experts in Retail, Fashion and Luxury

Focus on growth

in every aspect of our clients operations, leading to increased profitability

Trusted partners